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When someone comes to our office with an earnest money contract, we will start by receipting the earnest money.  We’ll open an order and give it a guarantee file number.  Once it has a file number, our staff will perform a title search using our abstract plant and the records at the Matagorda County Courthouse in Bay City, TX.  Then the title commitment will be created by our title examiner and then once that’s done we will forward that to the lender if there is one, the buyer, and the realtor or broker if one is participating in the transaction.  Next we work with the lender and the realtor to prepare for the closing.  We may also work with an attorney if a warranty deed or deed of trust must be prepared.

Next the escrow officer will take the file and prepare the settlement statement and all the closing documents.  We will perform a closing and after that is completed, we disperse all the monies and record the documents.  Then after all that’s done, we issue a title policy.

What is Involved in a Title Search?

A title search pertains to the land and anything that is permanently affixed to that land.  We review all the property records at the Matagorda County Courthouse to make sure everything is in order for the scheduled property transaction.  We check that the people who are selling the property are actually the people who own the property.

We also check the names of each person or business entity that shows up in the chain of title to make sure that there are not any liens that have attached to the property during the time that they owned it.  Mechanics liens, state tax liens, IRS liens, child support liens, and property tax liens — we check for any of these issues affecting title when we do our title examinations.

We may do our initial title examination a month before closing, but we will also update that title examination before closing.  We are dedicated to providing expert title services to ensure your peace of mind.


What are Abstracts of Title?

In preparing an abstract of title, we do the same research we do for other title examinations.  Then we build an abstract detailing the results of our title research.  We make copies of all the relevant documents and bind them all together with an index page listing of all of the different documents.

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